We have signed an exclusive three-year partnership agreement with Danmarks Idrætsforbund (DIF), where we became the Official Media Partner of the Danish Olympic Committee /Team Denmark. The joint ambition is to leverage the power of Ocean’s leading national Digital Out of Home network and creative expertise to support the promotion of Danish sports, starting with the Paris 2024 campaign.

“Our ambition is to create dreams and enthusiasm around Danish elite sports and increase awareness of the Danish athletes, who will compete in Paris next summer as some fantastic role models. With Ocean on the team, we have an unique opportunity to reach far with our messages and engage as many Danish children and adults as possible in the Olympics and Paralympics.”

– Jakob Draminsky, Press Officer for the Danish Olympic team.



NCSC is an organization representing stakeholders in commercial arenas in the Nordic market. In 2022, NCSC shifted its focus to not only encompass commercial “spaces” but also “communities” – reflecting the changing dynamics within this industry. The focus is no longer solely on shopping but on facilitating the ideal balance between service, experiences, and necessities to drive innovation in commerce and serve local communities.



Os Om Havet is a Danish based organisation that focuses on creating a healthy marine environment. Os Om Havet mobilises divers and volunteers in the fight against waste in the world’s Oceans, encouraging regeneration and to inspire a more sustainable everyday life.

At Ocean Outdoor Denmark, we are proud to increase awareness on pollution of the world’s oceans through our collaboration with Os Om Havet.



Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark has, as part of the Drops In The Ocean initiative, spred their message on Ocean’s digital network over a period of three weeks during the summer of 2023, when beach visits were at their peak.

Kathrine Skætt Jespersen, Legal Adviser at Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark shares the NGO’s experience with the collaboration: “The Drops in the Ocean initiative is a unique opportunity for us as a voluntary organization. In collaboration with Ocean Outdoor Denmark, we can reach a much larger and broader audience through the Drops in the Ocean initiative – and thereby create more awareness about our fight for a cleaner marine environment.”