Partnerships, advertisers and ad audiences

Our Asset Management team takes pride in building and delivering the market’s best D/OOH offering for the benefit of partners and advertisers with the ad audience in focus.

Digital Cities for Digital Citizens

Our cities are evolving to become digital hubs where data and technology are used to improve citizens’ lives. Parallel to that, people have an ever-growing digital knowledge and user technology in all the environments where Ocean operates.

We envision the future to be a hybrid between retail, entertainment, work, business and housing.

Ocean’s premium D/OOH offering helps facilitate digital cities for digital citizens.

More than media – why invest in DOOH

At Ocean, we work from a foundation based on eight pillars when it comes to our establishment and asset management. These pillars each represent important areas of focus that we know from experience build long-term relationships and success.

They contribute to innovation and development within our partnerships and allow us to fine-tune details and strengthen overall business relationships.

Investing in DOOH has great benefits and can give you as a property owner increased direct income as well as indirect income, by using the DOOH surfaces to improve the experience of your environment.

In the short term, we know that the ROI of an investment in DOOH generates 1.3x and establishing an OOH surface on one’s property, we already know, generates an ROI above 1.

But investing in DOOH is even more effective and gives a whopping 42% in measured effect compared to OOH.

If you would like to know more about how you can increase the income of your property, please do not hesitate to contact someone from our team below.


Frederik Liberti

Asset Manager
+45 53 55 32 16