Ocean Labs

Ocean Labs is at the forefront of creative development by merging scale, impact and reach with multiple integrated technologies, evolving the medium to make it more relevant to today’s audiences.
We are experts in leveraging technology, innovation and emotional triggering to push the boundaries of OOH.

DeepScreen® Alive

Opens up a new world of 3D DOOH theatre
Building on the huge success of DeepScreen®, spectacular 3D illusions which elevate out of home brand experiences, Ocean launches DeepScreen® Alive.Developed by Ocean Labs and Ocean Studios, DeepScreen® Alive uses the world’s most advanced real time 3D creation.


Ocean Labs Tech

The key to keeping up with and taking advantage of today’s DOOH is to make the creative accessible. The impossible possible.

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Experiential Locations

Create a unique campaign using bespoke opportunities to increase brand awareness.  

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Murals & Special Builds, Concepts

Add unique creative elements to your campaign, either through hand painted murals, or building on the standard OOH space.

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Customized Lights 

Additional lighting adds the wow factor.

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Om Labs

The Purpose of Oceans labs (creative facilitation and innovation hub) is to develop and focus on the evolution and creative opportunities within Digital Out Of Home.

Ocean Labs’ aim is merging the scale, impact and iconic nature of D/OOH spaces with multiple integrated technologies, progressing the medium to make it more relevant to today’s audience.

Ocean Labs will work in close cooperation with agencies, clients work in order to create future WOW campaigns.

For more information contact: labs@oceanoutdoor.dk

Christa Topp Prevost
Head of Ocean Labs