Media & Networks

There are multiple ways that clients can advertise a variety of formats and environments across Ocean Denmark’s media and networks.


An exclusive selection of large premium format, full-motion screens at the best mall locations. If you want to make a true DOOH footprint with long lasting memory encoding of your advertising message, ICONS need to be on the plan. The ICONS network features all of the benefits of premium DOOH, including Ocean’s creative technology DeepScreen™.

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The Grid

Denmark’s largest full motion, Large Format DOOH network with 27 large impact locations in malls across the country.

Digital large format sites like those in The Grid demonstrate similar values of memory values of memory encoding like TV according to our Neuroscience research.

If you want to achieve those effects in outdoor media, The Grid is the answer and here you are also able to reach the 18-34’s demographic which is notoriously hard to reach across other media.

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The Loop

A unique model for buying DOOH media, the Loop is planned and bought flexibly online by demographic, day part or hour.
Merging the Out of Home broadcast proposition with the latest technology, including Full Motion, On Screen AR, HD Cameras, Live Video Streaming, Live Data & Social Media Feeds, Dynamic Audio and Mobile Interactivity; providing super-fast Wi-Fi.
Reach a varied audience across malls in Denmark, including retail, visitors, residents, students and business professionals.

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Ocean Outdoor Denmark offers a range of analog opportunities within key city and mall locations.

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Traffic Impact

High impact, large format digital sites located in Copenhagen. The DOOH screens are situated on key arterial routes within the city and are strategically placed where there is slow moving traffic, creating high dwell time for the sites.

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Digital and analog media, designed to target travelers in a relaxed environment with a high dwell time. Customise the campaign for flights, travel times, arrival and more.

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