Ocean Outdoor Denmark offers a range of analog opportunities within key city and mall locations.

City Spectaculars

Ocean operates unique and unavoidable city banner canvases with large-format locations facades, with sites in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg.

Our Banners are delivered with everything included to make it easier for you as a buyer. When we say everything included, it means building permits, production, mounting and lighting.

Mall Spectaculars

On the exterior to key malls within Denmark, Mall Spectaculars are unmissable large format banners, drawing customers in and adding additional engagement.
Mall Spectaculars delivered with everything included to make it easier for you as a buyer. Meaning production, mounting and lighting are managed by Ocean.

City Bulletins

Effective and visible media at traffic hotspots. We select locations where the car queues are long, at approach roads or where the crowd is large.

Bulletins are an effective medium for product launch, brand positioning, brand awareness and campaign focus.

The medium provides opportunities to involve passers-by actively in the campaign and to use 2D/3D effect options.

Mall Bulletins

Unique mall advertising placements within exterior and interior areas of the mall, creative additional touchpoints for the client to reach the consumer.
Bulletins are located on a variety of environments including in car parks, trolley sheds and bike parking.