Murals & Special Builds, Concepts

Add unique creative elements to your campaign, either through hand painted murals, or building on the standard OOH space.



Hand-painted and curated murals with an incredible wealth of detail elevate the cityscape and make your message stand out.

Experiential Special Builds

Add additional engagement to brand engagement locations with 3D special builds.

Special Builds DOOH

Boost your digital campaign with a special build, such as a vinyl wrap.

Special Builds OOH

Bring your brand to life and heighten your impact with a special build that extends from the traditional backlight. Boost your analog campaign with a Special Build. Everything from 3D letters to life-size divers.

Live Data

Using environmental and contextual triggers can help brands deliver relevant messaging to consumers in real time, maximising campaign effectiveness and memory encoding across the whole of Ocean’s digital mall network.


  Create an illusion with holograms to further amplify the campaign.