Ocean Labs Tech

The key to keeping up with and taking advantage of today’s DOOH is to make the creative accessible. The impossible possible.


DeepScreen ™

With Ocean’s DeepScreen™ 3D technology, advertisers can transform an ordinary campaign into something truly extraordinary. Let us help you lift your brand to the third dimension.

Live Video Streaming

Ocean can deliver reliable live streaming simulcast capabilities to high dwell time environments across Denmark.


Mobile immersive or both. Boost your message with Augmented Reality. Bring the big screen to life using the latest small screen innovation; mobile augmented reality. Or, combined Augmented and Mixed Reality.


Digital Out of Home offers incredible moving image with unmissable scale. Add in sound and you have an advertising medium that can truly bring a brand message or creative to life.

Live Data

Using environmental and contextual triggers can help brands deliver relevant messaging to consumers in real time, maximising campaign effectiveness and memory encoding across the whole of Ocean’s digital mall network.


  Create an illusion with holograms to further amplify the campaign.