Drops In the Ocean

Drops In the Ocean is an initiative by Ocean Outdoor, supporting environmental charities that are combatting climate change, deforestation and marine pollution, all working towards a richer nature and a sustainable future. Each year we donate 2% of our reported revenue through advertising value across our digital network.

Across the countries in which Ocean operates, we select NGO’s and environmentally-oriented projects to support on a yearly basis. De første NGO’er vi indgik samarbejde med var NGO’erne Os Om Havet og Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark. Begge er frivillige miljøorganisationer med havet i fokus.

Os Om Havet

Os Om Havet is a Danish based organisation that focuses on creating a healthy marine environment. Os Om Havet mobilises divers and volunteers in the fight against waste in the world’s Oceans, encouraging regeneration and to inspire a more sustainable everyday life.

At Ocean Outdoor Denmark, we are proud to increase awareness on pollution of the world’s oceans through our collaboration with Os Om Havet.

Find out more about Os Om Havet Here: http://osomhavet.dk/om-os.html


Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark


Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark has, as part of the Drops In The Ocean initiative, spred their message on Ocean’s digital network over a period of three weeks during the summer of 2023, when beach visits were at their peak.

Kathrine Skætt Jespersen, Legal Adviser at Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark, explains: “TAVAHA – which means ‘take care of the ocean’ – is the central message of Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark, so it was obvious to us that this should be the campaign’s message. We believe that everyone can contribute to taking care of the ocean, and that even small changes and actions can lead to significant changes when we all contribute.”

Kathrine shares the NGO’s experience with the collaboration: “The Drops in the Ocean initiative is a unique opportunity for us as a voluntary organization. In collaboration with Ocean Outdoor Denmark, we can reach a much larger and broader audience through the Drops in the Ocean initiative – and thereby create more awareness about our fight for a cleaner marine environment.”

To learn more about Nordic Ocean Watch, visit their website here:: https://www.nordicoceanwatch.dk/