Relevance is key

Nationwide, big arenas, local spots – our advertising network has it all covered. We tailor our offer based upon your request, to help you find the best and most efficient way to reach through.


  • 1,9m Weekly Customers
  • 27  Shopping Malls
  • 479 Digital Screens


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  • LIVE Airport

    • 5,6m Travelers yearly
    • 68 Digital Screens


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  • LIVE Metropolitan Network

    • 200.000 Weekly Customers
    • 56 Digital Screens


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  • LIVE Traffic Impact

    Large digital screens located at the most busy roads.
    Targeting high concentration of people

    • The Roof– Copenhagen City, at Vesterport station
    • The Tower North – Copenhagen, Lyngbyvejen (commuters from the Northern part of Copenhagen)
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  • Spectaculars

    Attractive and impressive large format banners is broad reaching advertising and creates instant attention and increased visibility at the most attractive locations in the city centre. Large format banners are also
    ideal for creative expression (2D/3D effects etc.)


    Visible advertising large format located at major and busy roads.
    Adverting large and special size of formats are ideal for different objectives; product launch and brand positioning and brand awareness etc.
    The possibility to using large format to engage with audience and use creative effects to maximize relevance